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How do I use my Texas Tomorrow or Guaranteed Tuition account?

You should provide the University with a copy of your Texas Tomorrow or Guaranteed Tuition Plan card. If your ID card is not available, please provide a copy of the letter from Texas Tomorrow with your ID number on it. You should contact the Bursar’s Office prior to the first semester you register for classes with this information. After your initial registration, your student account will reflect the Texas Tomorrow plan for the fall and spring semesters as long as you have hours in your plan. You will need to notify the Bursar’s Office if you want your plan used for any of the summer sessions.

Where do I go to turn in my Texas Tomorrow card or letter?

All Texas Tomorrow Fund information should be submitted to the Bursar’s Office on the Denton campus, located in the Admissions Building. The cashier windows are open Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm. The information can also be faxed to  940/898-3578 or emailed to

Will the Texas Tomorrow or Guaranteed Tuition Plan pay for all fees?

No, the Texas Tomorrow Fund pays for the tuition and mandatory fees for the number of hours you are enrolled for the current semester. The student is responsible for paying the course fees, lab fees, insurance, housing/meals, and any other fees not covered by the plan in accordance with the payment deadlines.

Texas Tomorrow will pay for the total number of tuition hours and fee terms that have been purchased under the student’s plan. Students will be responsible for paying additional tuition hours not covered by their plan. Mandatory fees (that all students are required to pay) are covered for a limited amount of semesters based on the fee terms available in the plan. If the plan is used for graduate students, the Texas Tomorrow Fund determines an hourly rate for tuition and fees that will be credited which may not fully cover all the university charges.

Why is the Texas Tomorrow credit not automatically posted for summer semesters?

Your tuition was prepaid based on a specific number of semesters and the account is charged each semester that the university submits a bill. It is often more beneficial for students to use their Texas Tomorrow account for payment during the long semesters if they will only be enrolled in one or two classes during the shorter summer semesters. If you would like to use your plan during the summer terms, please notify the Bursar’s Office.

Will changes to my semester schedule affect my Texas Tomorrow Plan balance?

Yes, any schedule changes after your Texas Tomorrow Plan is credited, may affect the plan. Since the credit of your plan is manually processed at the University, any addition, deletion or change in courses may affect the plan and additional charges may result. Please contact the Bursar’s Office if schedule changes occur after the plan has been used in the current semester.

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