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TWUOne Card – The ONLY Way to Get Your University Refunds

TWU has contracted with Higher One to facilitate the delivery of refunds from the University. The TWUOne MasterCard logo Debit Card will provide students with two options on how to receive their refunds. The University will NOT issue refund checks, so you MUST use the card number or personal identification code to choose an option for receiving any money due to you from TWU. 

(Per credit card regulation, billing adjustment credits due to a student whose account payment was made exclusively by credit card will be refunded back to the original card used for the transaction.)

Refund Options:

  • Deposit to Higher One checking account
  • Deposit to another bank account                 

TWU OneCard Frequently Asked Questions

How are TWU refunds delivered to students?  Refunds are delivered to students by Higher One based on the option chosen by the student.  Your card number or Personal Identification Code that is assigned identifies you in the Higher One system. Entering your card number or personal code allows you to get started with the card registration process and choosing your preference for receiving refunds.  NOTE:  The University will NOT issue refund checks, so you MUST use the card or personal code to choose an option for receiving any University refund due to you.

How do I get my TWU OneCard or Personal Identification Code?  Each TWU student will receive a TWU Debit Card and Personal Identification Code from Higher One upon your first registration.  Your card and personal code will arrive in a bright green envelope through the mail at your primary address on file with the University. 

To receive a refund from the university, you must use your TWU Debit Card or Personal Identification Code that is enclosed online to select your choice on how to receive your refund money. Make your choice at!

I don’t think I will ever get a refund.  Why should I select a preference?  Even if you do not think you will be getting a refund from the University, you never know what may occur.  It may be necessary for you to drop a class, a class may be cancelled, you may receive an unanticipated scholarship or other award, or you may be entitled to a refund of your housing deposit.  Choosing your preference for receiving a refund from the University as soon as you receive your debit card will assure the timely delivery of your funds.  Remember, the University does not issue refund checks, so it is important that you use the card to make a choice for the delivery of your refunds at

If I pay my student charges online with an Electronic Check, will my bank account be credited for any refund I may be due for dropping or withdrawing?  TWU does not have the ability to credit your checking or savings account for any refund that may be due to you.  Refunds will be issued via Higher One and your selected preference for receiving refunds from the University.

If I pay my student charges online with a credit card, will my credit card be credited for any refund I may be due for dropping or withdrawing?  Yes, TWU will credit your credit card for credit balances that you may be due for dropping, withdrawing or other account adjustments resulting in a credit balance.

What are my options for receiving my refund?  Our options include having your refund:

        1.  Same business day deposit to Higher One checking account (1 day or less).
        2.  Deposited to another bank of your choice (2-3 days or more).

The TWU OneAccount, what is that?  The TWU OneAccount is a full functioning FDIC insured checking account.  The TWU OneAccount has no minimum balance, no monthly fees for students, and Internet banking features. The Onecard can be used anywhere that Mastercard is accepted. 

How will I know when my money has been deposited to my OneAccount?  You will receive an e-mail from Higher One when any university refund has been deposited to your TWU OneAccount.  Additionally, you will be able to review your account transactions by accessing your TWU OneAccount Statement on the website.

Can I have my money deposited to a bank account of my choice?  Yes, you may have your university refunds deposited to the bank of your choice.  To do so, you must use the card number or the personal identification code to choose the option "Deposit to another account" online at  

Can I receive a paper check instead of electronic deposit?  No.  A ‘Paper check’ option is not offered. 

Why the MasterCard Debit logo on the Debit card?  The MasterCard Debit logo on the card allows you to use it as a debit card wherever MasterCard is accepted.  The card is NOT a credit card.  It is a DEBIT card.  Find out how to avoid PIN transaction fees by referring to the information found at

How do the OneAccount fees compare to other banking institutions?  Service charges and fees assessed by Higher One are competitive with commercial and local banks and credit unions.  Access this link for Higher One's fee schedule.  Insufficient and Overdraft fees can be avoided by practicing responsible fiscal management.  Avoid the PIN debit fee by selecting 'Credit' and signing for your transaction. 

Is this my Student ID/TWU Campus Access Card?  No.  You will need your student TWU ID/ACCESS–Pioneer Card to use on campus.  Your TWU ID/ACCESS-Pioneer Card is used for meals, library services, printing services, and is your personal identification for all University related activities.

Additional Questions?  An activation demo can be found and answers to other questions will be addressed through online help at  Questions can also be addressed at the Bursar’s Office.

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