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Convenience fee policy for debit/credit card payments

TWU payments for student accounts and emergency loans made by credit or debit card will be assessed a convenience fee of 2.75% ($3 minimum) of the payment amount. Credit/debit card payments must be made online. The purpose of the fee is to cover processing charges assessed by the credit card companies. The convenience fee is applicable only to those who prefer to use a credit/debit card for Bursar payments. The convenience fee will not be collected by TWU. TouchNet’s PayPath® Convenience Fee Service will process these credit/debit card payments along with the associated convenience fee.

What to expect:

A 2.75% convenience fee ($3 minimum) will be assessed by the TouchNet PayPath® Convenience Fee Service for online Bursar payments made by credit or debit cards.

  • This charge will appear as a separate transaction on the cardholder’s credit card statements.
  • The fee is non-refundable.    

page last updated 8/16/2016 11:13 AM