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To view Texas Woman's University's contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customer Bank, click here.

BankMobile Disbursements for Refunds

TWU has contracted with BankMobile Disbursements, a third party vendor, to handle all refunds for excess financial aid, loans, and credit balances due for dropped classes, housing deposits, or other account adjustments.  New students will receive a Refund Selection Kit with a Personal Identification Code by mail within two weeks of their first registration. Once received, students will select a refund preference at with their personal code. ALL STUDENTS must choose a refund preference to receive any university refund.

New TWU students can get more detailed information on the university refund process by CLICKING HERE.

Refunds for Financial Aid 

Automatic processes will begin refunding financial aid recipients ten days before a new term begins and will continue throughout the term. The Financial Aid Office will begin applying accepted aid to student accounts at this time. Refunds will not be available until all account charges are paid on the date that financial aid is disbursed to the student account. Bursar's Office cannot give specific refund dates to students.

Refund Dates for Drops & Withdrawals

2016 Fall Drop & Withdrawal Refund Dates[pdf]
2016 Summer Drop & Withdrawal Refund Dates[pdf]

Refunds for Dropping Courses or Withdrawing

  • Dropping Courses - 100% refund for dropped course(s) thru the 12th class day of long terms and 2nd class day of short terms. No percentage refunds for drops after these days.

  • Withdrawing - Percentage based refunds as defined in Refund Dates above. No refund after 20th class day of long terms or 2nd class day of short terms.

Students receiving financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office before dropping or withdrawing. Dropping credit hours or withdrawing may affect your financial aid that has been previously applied to your account and refunded. Please allow a minimum 10 business day waiting period for financial aid adjustments to be processed. Dropping courses or withdrawing from the University does not relieve a student of their financial obligation to the University for any unpaid charges (including financial aid adjustments) incurred for the related semester or term.

Refund schedules and reimbursements for dropped courses and withdrawals are established pursuant to the Texas Education Code (TEC) §54.006 Refund or Adjustment of Tuition and Mandatory Fees for Dropped Courses and Student Withdrawals. 

Refer to the Academic Calendars for semester term specific dates and percentages.

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