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System Overview

Blackboard® (Bb) is an easy to use online course delivery and management system. Using Blackboard's graphical point-and-click interface, instructors can incorporate learning materials from word processing, audio & video, spread sheets, and presentation files without ever learning HTML.

For instructors, Blackboard makes it easy for you to post your course materials online for your students to access. For example, instructors can post their syllabus, lecture notes, photos, grades, and much more.

Features include:

  • Calendar
  • Online File Exchange Digital file exchange)
  • Online Testing and surveys
  • Post Announcements
  • Communication Tools (email, discussion board, chat)
  • Threaded Discussions
  • Have online asynchronous and synchronous discussions
  • Real-time Chat and whiteboard
  • Post PowerPoint presentations
  • Group web pages for student team projects

Here are some tools to help you get started using Blackboard:

Blackboard Learn Help for Instructors
The Blackboard Learn Help for Instructors begins by reviewing the teaching and learning environment for Instructors. The bulk of the guide details the functions available to Instructors through the Control Panel. 


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