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Undergraduate Biology Program

Undergraduate Degrees

Graduate Biology Program

Graduate Degrees

General Requirements for Admission to a Graduate Program

Applications for Admission must be sent to the Office of Graduate Admissions, identified elsewhere. That office will collect all necessary documents before the entire application is forwarded to the Biology Department for evaluation. In addition to those forms, the Biology Department requires 2 things: 1) a letter from you describing your scientific/research training and your career goals - you should indicate how your goals align with our graduate research program; 2) three letters of recommendation from professors who are familiar with your academic preparation and career goals. These items should be sent to the Biology Department either by mail at the address given below or as e-mail attachments. There is no recommendation form, just the letters. A committee of professors will review the credentials and make a recommendation about admission and possibly suggested coursework if admission is provisional.

Financial Support

The majority of our graduate students are supported through graduate assistantships. The appointment is made within the department and applications must be sent to the Chair of the Department. Three letters of recommendation should be sent to that address (by mail or email). Appointments will be made under the following considerations:

Timeliness of Applications

In most years, the number of applications received by February will exceed the openings expected for the following academic year (beginning in September). Apply early!

Qualifications and Departmental Need

The specialization, i.e. previous training in subdisciplines of Biology, Bacteriology, Botany or Zoology will be considered. The applicant's skills will be matched with laboratories for which assistants will be needed.

Budget Considerations

Funding of the departmental budget must be secured before binding appointments can be made.

Appointment Offer: Time Periods of Appointments

Inquiries about the likelihood of receiving an appointment can be made anytime. Appointments of Biology graduate students are extended for one academic year (nine months). Summer teaching is limited and summer appointments often only cover five weeks of the three months June-August.

Research Assistantships

Research Assistantships are rare. Only faculty members with grant support appoint Research Assistants for students working on a project that is funded by the grant.

Medical Technology Program

Teacher Certification

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THECB 18 Doctoral Characteristics

Biology Seminars

Biology seminars are held every Friday from 3:00 - 4:00. See the TWU Biology calendar of events for specific topics. More about “Biology Seminars”...

Seminar Fall 2016

Sept 23:  Dr. Jeffrey Chen, Genomic and Epigenetic Bases for Polyploidy and Hybrid Vigor

Sept 30:  Matt Moustakas, Director of Environmental Safety, TWU, Safety Seminar

Oct 7:  Dr. Kevin A. Morano, "Modulation of protein homeostasis by Hsp70 cofactors"

Oct 14:  Celebration of Science

Oct 21:  Dr. Sarah Bondos

Oct 28:  Dr. A. Keith Dunkar (joint seminar with UNT)

Nov 4:  Dr. David Allelo

Nov 11: Sanil Sansar, TWU Ph.D. candidate

Nov 18:  Dr. Michael Buszczak


Dec 2:  Dr. Julie Pfeiffer

Dec 9:  Dr. Elisa Na