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The Doctor of Philosophy degree in Molecular Biology is offered through a cooperative program of the Federation of North Texas Area Universities that includes Texas Woman’s University and the University of North Texas. Within this degree option, course work is available in Neurobiology.

The federation doctoral program provides opportunities for formal course work, seminars, independent study, participation in regional and national conferences, and dissertation research. The program also includes federation-sponsored seminars featuring outstanding nationally and internationally recognized educators. Department of Biology 91Graduate students enrolled at either UNT or TWU take courses at both universities, thus benefiting from the combined faculties of each school. Students graduating from a federation program will be granted the Ph.D. from the university through which they entered the program.

Federation Program Faculty

The doctoral program is staffed by faculty from Texas Woman’s University
and the University of North Texas. The following faculty members from each
university participate in the program.

  • Texas Woman's University: Beck, Bergel, Chai, Conrad-Webb, Hynds, Maier, McIntire, Mills, Uphouse.
  • University of North Texas: Ayre, Benjamin, Burggren, Chapman, Dickstein, Fuchs, Gross, Kunz, O'Donovan, Padilla, Pirtle, Root, Schwark, Tam, Zimmerman.

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Course Rotation (pdf)

THECB 18 Doctoral Characteristics

Biology seminars are held every Friday from 3:00 - 4:00. See the TWU Biology calendar of events for specific topics.

Current Seminar Spring 2016

Feb 26:  Dr. Jason Upton, Host and virus determinants of Cytomegalovirus pathogenesis

Mar 4:  Dr. Ron Mittler, ROS:  the universal regulators of life, death and everything in between

Mar 11:  TBA