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Laura Hanson, Ph.D.

Laura Hanson

Assistant Professor
PO Box 425799
Texas Woman's University
Denton, TX 76204-5799

Office Location: GRB 228
Office Phone: 940-898-2472
Lab Phone:
Fax: 940-898-2382

Teaching Area: Immunology, Virology
Research Area: Virus-Host Interactions


Degree Date Institution Field
Ph.D. 1993 Cornell University Immunology
B.S./B.S. 1987 University of Washington Microbiology/Biology

Major Academic/Research Interest


My interest is in how viruses interact with their host.

Project List

Select Publications

1. Wortman, M.J., Hanson, L.K., Martinez-Sobrido, L., Campbell, A.E., Nance, J.A., Garcia-Sastre, A., and Johnson, E.M. (2010). Regulation of PURA gene transcription by three promoters generating distinctly spliced 5prime leaders: a novel means of fine control over tissue specificity and viral signals. BMC-Mol Biol 11: 81.
2. Bolin, L. L. Hanson, L. K. , Slater, J. S. , Kerry, J. A. , and Campbell, A. E. (2010). Murine cytomegalovirus US22 protein pM140 protects its binding partner, pM141, from proteasome-dependent but ubiquitin-independent degradation. J. Virol. 84:2164-2168.
3. Hanson, L.K., Slater, J.S. Cavanaugh, V.J., Newcomb, W. W., Bolin, L. L. Nelson, C. N., Fetters, L. D., Tang, Q. Brown, J.C., Maul, G.G., and Campbell, A.E. (2009). Murine cytomegalovirus capsid assembly is dependent on US22 family gene M140 in infected macrophages. J. Virol. 83:7449-7456.
4. Child, S. J., Hanson, L.K., Brown, C.E., Janzen, D.M., and Geballe, A.P. (2006). Double-stranded RNA-binding by a heterodimeric complex of murine cytomegalovirus m142 and m143 proteins. J. Virol. 80: 10173-10180.
5. Hanson, L. K., Dalton, B. L., Cageao, L. F., Brock, R. E., Slater, J. S., Kerry, J.A., and Campbell, A.E., (2005). Characterization and regulation of essential murine cytomegalovirus genes m142 and m143. Virology. 334: 166-177.
6. Karabekian, Z. Hanson, L. K., Slater, J. S., Krishna, N., Bolin, L. L., Kerry, J.A., and Campbell, A.E. (2005). Complex formation among murine cytomegalovirus US22 proteins encoded by M139, M140, and M141. J. Virol. 79: 3525-3535.
7. Hanson, L.K., Slater, J.S., Karabekian, Z., Ciocco-Schmitt, G., and Campbell, A.E. (2001). Products of US22 genes M140 and M141 confer efficient replication of murine cytomegalovirus in macrophages and spleen. J. Virol. 75: 6292-6302.
8. Hanson, L. K., Slater, J. S., Karabekian, Z., Virgin, H. W., Biron, C. A., Ruzek, M. C., van Rooijen, N., Ciavarra, R. P., Stenberg, R. S., and Campbell, A. E. (1999). Replication of murine cytomegalovirus in differentiated macrophages as a determinant of viral pathogenesis. J. Virol. 73: 5970-5980.
9. Hanson, L. K., Dalton, B. L., Karabekian, Z., Farrell, H. E., Rawlinson, W. D., Stenberg, R. M., and Campbell, A. E. (1999). Transcriptional analysis of the murine cytomegalovirus HindIII-I Region: Identification of a novel immediate-early gene region. Virology. 260: 156-164.
10. Hanson, L. K., Binns, M., Mumford, J. A., and Appleton, J. A. (1999). Molecular basis of apparent antigenic reversion in the equine influenza virus H3 haemagglutinin. In: Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Equine Infectious Diseases. Pgs. 25-32.
11. Jones, T. R., Hanson, L. K., Sun, L., Slater, J. S., Stenberg, R. S., and Campbell, A. E. (1995). Multiple independent loci within the human cytomegalovirus unique short region down-regulate expression of major histocompatibility complex class I heavy chain. J. Virol. 69: 4830-4841.
12. Morley, P. S., Hanson, L. K., Bogdan, J. R., Townsend, H. G. G., Appleton, J. A., and Haines, D. M. (1995). The relationship between single radial hemolysis, hemagglutination inhibition, and viral neutralization assays used to detect antibodies specific for equine influenza viruses. Vet. Micro. 45: 81-92.

Courses and Teaching Responsibilities


Immunology, Virology

Project List

BACT 1003 Microbiology
BIOL 4811 Molecular Cell and Gene Expression laboratory
BACT 4113 Immunology
BACT 4413 Virology

BIOL 5611 Readings in Biology. Course director. Journal Club.

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