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Application for Research Emphasis in the Biology Department

This option is open to undergraduate Biology majors who wish to gain knowledge and experience in performing laboratory research and plan to pursue a career in scientific research and/or biotechnology. They also may plan to pursue a masters-level or doctoral-level program in the sciences or attend a professional school. The advantage of this program is the requirement for three semesters of undergraduate research experience. Students should apply for admission to the program by completing the application form below. Obtain the signature of the proposed research mentor, sign your name and submit to the Biology Department (GRB 230). Please attach an unofficial copy of transcripts.


While completing the core requirements for the B.S. degree in Biology, students should initiate a research project with a Biology faculty member. This research may be initiated at any time, but no later than the spring semester of the sophomore year. Students must complete at least three (3) semesters of undergraduate research and must be enrolled in BIOL 4983 each semester while involved in the research project. This project culminates in the senior year with preparation of a Senior Thesis with publishable data. Additional required elective courses in Biology and Chemistry are selected through consultation with their Biology Department advisor. BIOL 4983 may be counted for up to 9 credits of Biology electives.

Application form: [DOCX] [PDF]

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THECB 18 Doctoral Characteristics

Biology seminars are held every Friday from 3:00 - 4:00. See the TWU Biology calendar of events for specific topics.

Current Seminar Spring 2016

Feb 26:  Dr. Jason Upton, Host and virus determinants of Cytomegalovirus pathogenesis

Mar 4:  Dr. Ron Mittler, ROS:  the universal regulators of life, death and everything in between

Mar 11:  TBA