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Brian W. Beck

Brian W. Beck

Assistant Professor
PO Box 425799
Texas Woman's University
Denton, TX 72604-5799

Office Location: GRB 325, Lab: OMB 103
Office Phone: 940-898-2355
Lab Phone: 940-898-2878
Fax: 940-898-2382

Teaching Area: Computational Biology, Structural Biology, Bioinformatics, Biology of Aging, Introductory Biology
Research Area: Computational Biology, Structural Biology, Protein Interactions


Position Date Institution Field
PostDoc 1997-2003 University of Houston Computational Chemistry
PhD 1991-1997 Washington State University Biochemistry and Biophysics
BS 1987-1991 Texas A&M University Biochemistry

Major Academic/Research Interest


My research centers around computational analysis of molecular interactions and development of new protein structural analysis tools. I am also interested in campus high performance computing and network infrastructure development.

Project List

  • Identification, Prediction, and Energy flow studies of Biologically important Protein:Protein Interfaces
  • Role of the structure of actin filament branches in axon growth and guidance.
  • Mechanisms for negative cooperativity in glutathione synthetase. 

Select Publications

  •  Sanjana Sudarshan, Sasi B Kodathala, Amruta C Mahadik, Isha Mehta, Brian W Beck (2014) Protein-Protein Interface Detection Using the Energy Centrality Relationship (ECR) Characteristic of Proteins. PLoS ONE. 01/2014; 9(5):e97115. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0097115 
  • Lyle, N.J., Williams, I., Brar, K.R, Beck, B. W., and Dascalu, S. M. (2005) Specification of AutomN: An Automatic Protein Sequence to Protein-Protein Interaction Software System. Proceedings of the 2005 International Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practice (SERP'05) June 27-30, 2005 Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Chen, C., Beck, B.W., Krause, K., Warth, T., and Pettitt, B.M. (2006) The Effects of Dimerization of Serratia marcescens Endonuclease on Water Dynamics. Biopolymers 85(3):241-252.
  • Salzameda, B., Facemyer, K.C., Beck, B.W., and Cremo, C.R. (2006) The N-terminal Lobes of Both Regulatory Light Chains Interact with the Tail Domain of Smooth Muscle Myosin in the 10S Conformation. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 281(50):38801-11.

Courses and Teaching Responsibilities


Computational Biology, Structural Biology, Bioinformatics, Biology of Aging, Introductory Biology

Project List

Current Courses

  • BIOL 1012: Human Biology
  • BIOL 3014: Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
  • BIOL 5014: Advanced Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
  • BIOL 5913: Structural Biology
  • BIOL 5611: Readings in Biology (Journal club)
  • BIOL 4681: Biology Seminar
  • ZOOL 3313: Biology of Aging
Former Courses
  • BIOL 1003: 21st Century Biology
  • ZOOL 2052: Physiology

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