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APPLYING FOR FMLA COVERAGE: To apply for coverage under the Family and Medical Leave Act, please complete the following application and send to Human Resources

USING SICK LEAVE:  Sick leave can be used to cover absence due to sickness, injury, or pregnancy and confinement  when it prevents an employee from performing his or her job or when the employee needs to care for and assist a member of the employee’s immediate family who is sick. Immediate family is defined as individuals related by kinship, adoption, or marriage who live in the same household;  foster children who reside in the same household; and minor children, regardless of whether they live in the same household. Sick leave also may be used to care for and assist a spouse, child, or parent who does not reside in the same household only as a result of a documented medical condition.

REQUESTING VACATION:  Vacation ordinarily will be scheduled at the mutual convenience of the employee, the department, and the University.  Where conflicts arise, the needs of the University and the department will be paramount. Vacation should be requested and approved in advance whenever possible.


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