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TWU's benefits area of human resources is here to assist and support faculty and staff members (and their families). We administer the Optional Retirement Program and Voluntary Savings Account programs.  In addition, we offer confidential benefits counseling services that are intended to help you gain a better understanding of your benefits programs such as health, dental, term life, leave plans such as sick leave, family medical leave and much more.

ERS Conducting Dependent Eligibility Audit (DEA) Starts April 2014

Have you added a dependent to your health coverage since April 2011?

ERS has been working with Aon Hewitt to conduct another eligibility audit of dependents who our members have added to Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP) health insurance coverage since the previous audit in 2011. ERS estimates about 29,000 employees and retirees have added dependents since then. Once Aon Hewitt completes this “catch-up” audit, ERS and Aon Hewitt will set up an ongoing process to verify new dependents as they’re added to coverage.

What does this ongoing audit mean for you?

If you have a qualifying life event (QLE), or add a dependent during Annual Enrollment, Aon Hewitt will send you a series of notifications requesting eligibility documentation. For example, if you want to add your newborn to coverage, you may need to submit a birth certificate. If you want to add your new spouse to coverage, you may need to provide a marriage license. Aon Hewitt will allow certain alternative documentation. The letters will spell out the exact requirements.

Were you planning to add a dependent during Annual Enrollment?

The above will still apply. Soon after you enroll your dependent(s), Aon Hewitt will start sending you notifications to provide eligibility documentation.

ERS is still working with Aon Hewitt to establish processes and procedures for the audit. However, we expect the catch-up audit to begin in mid-April. Stay tuned for more details.


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