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Elected Officers 2015-16

The ASSET officers hold a term of one year.  The officers are elected in July.  The current 2015-2016 officers are:

Kathleen Hedges, President, College of Professional Education, x2204 
Allison Rogers, Vice-President, Teaching & Learning with Technology, x3411,  
Sharon Masten, Recording Secretary, College of Professional Education, x2735,  
Scott Martin, Events Secretary, Provost's Office, x3508,   
Jody Rodriguez, Publicity Secretary,  School of Management x2105, 
Pat Zimmerer, Treasurer, Finance and Administration, x3504,  
Michele Kyle, Executive Board Member, University Advancement, X3862,

Members 2014-15

Deonna Bishopp, School of Management, x2105,
Julie Brumbaugh, Financial Aid, x3105,  
Barbara Byrd, Social Work, x2071,  
Lori Cantrell, Procurement Services, x3545,
Sam (Bo) Carter, Lifetime Member
Lucy Chapman, Lifetime Member
Janelle Davis, Kinesiology, x2714,
Jerry Dawson, Music, x2501,
Sara Deines, Department of Public Safety, x2925,
Dominga Dominguez, Financial Aid, x3056,
Jane Erwin, Lifetime Member
Belinda Firth, Family Sciences, x2699,
Linda Fischer, Lifetime Member
Judy Franz, College of Professional Education, x2734,  
Versinia Gooden, Provost's Office, x3301,  
Kim Grover-Haskin, Lifetime Member
Laurie Hammett, Lifetime Member
Jacqueline Head, Housing, x2995,
Kathleen Hedges, College of  Professional Education, x2204,
Laura Hensley, Provost's Office, x3308, 
Amy Hicks, College of Nursing, x2421,
Mary Honard, Teacher Education, x2241,
Cindy Howell, Teaching & Learning With Technology, x3445,
Maidie Johnson, Communication Sciences and Disorders, x2034, 
Hobert Kilgore, Health Studies, x2864,
Michele Kyle, Institutional Development, x3862
Diane LaGrone, Office of Research & Sponsored Programs, x3375,
Marge Landers, Lifetime Member
Penny Lewis, Dance, x2086,
Katherine Lozano, Office of Technology, x3276,
Brenda Mallory, School of Library & Information Studies, x2602,
Marie Mankoff, Department of Public Safety, x2958,
Scott Martin, Senior Associate Provost's Office, x3805,  
Sharon Masten, College of Professional Education, x2735,
Dorcyle McClure, Family Sciences, x2686,
Barbara Meriwether, Lifetime Member
Linda Mills, Lifetime Member
Febe Moss, Admissions, x3184,
Carol Nelson, Lifetime Member
Gail Orlando, Women's Studies, x2119,
Sita Periathiruvadi, Library, x3776,
Teresa Pierce, Lifetime Member
Rhonda Redfearn, Dean's Office, College of Arts & Sciences, x3324,
Kathy Roberts, Provost's Office, x3304, 
Jody Rodriguez, Admissions, x3271,
Allison Rogers, Teaching and Learning Technology, x3411,
Shirley Saunders, Lifetime Member
Tesse Scott, Occupational Therapy, x2805,
Robin Shawn, College of Professional Education, x2211,
Cindy Snider, Health Studies, x2860,
Jill Stover, Faculty Senate, x3393,
Christine Styers, Alumni Relations, x2586, 
Kari Vander Wege, Procurement Services, x3535,
Regina Webber, Office of Technology, x3268,
Christina Williams, Facilites Management, x3168,
Virgina Wing, Chemistry, x2552,
Beth Yelverton, Honors Program, x2337,
Pat Zimmerer, Finance and Administration, x3504,

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 ASSET Cookbook
ASSET Cookbook Display in the TWU Bookstore!!
The “TWU Cooks” Cookbook ($20.00) published by the Association of Service and Support Employees of Texas Woman's University (ASSET) proceeds are used to fund the Wilkes Berry Memorial Scholarship, the ASSET Scholarship, Professional Development Award, and ASSET hardship fund. The cookbook contains historic stories and photos of Texas Woman’s University and over 300 recipes.  Recipes have been contributed by the TWU community, everyone from former TWU presidents to friends of the university.   Get your copy by delivering an order form [pdf] and payment to any of the current ASSET officers or cookbooks can be mailed for a mere $3 shipping fee.  For additional information, please call 940-898-2202 and ask for Sharon or Kathleen.

Our thanks go out to all those that purchase the “TWU Cooks” and our many ASSET supporters.   

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