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  • Services Offered by Denton Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Denton Convention & Visitors Bureau[pdf]

  • 5 Tips on Professional Communication in the Text

    5 Tips on Professional Communication in the Text-Chat Age[pdf] by Julie Perrine

  • "30 Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Bad"

    Easy to get wrong. And easy to get right [pdf], by Jeff Haden

  • "Elements of Accounts"

    Presentation given by Pam Wilson:
  • The International Association of Administrative Professionals®(IAAP®)

    The International Association of Administrative Professionals organization: has a lot of very good information on professional development and resources such as Key Trends in Administrative Support, Career Development Advice, and Tips for Employees/Managers.  
  • Frequently Used Forms

    Forms such as RTAs, Travel Vouchers, and Contract Travel Vendor Exceptions can be found on the Procurement website:
  • Office of Alumni Relations

    We recently had an informative presentation about our Office of Alumni Relations:  You can do your part by giving the Office of Alumni Relations any updates you have on the graduates in your department.  The Alumni website has departmental alumni web-pages, an e-newsletter, networking groups, and much more.  They also have the Alumni House Sun Room which holds 20 people available to be reserved for use by student organizations, etc.  
  • Toastmasters International

    Did you dread book reports in school or presentations in college?  Does the thought of speaking in front of a group of people make your knees go weak and your mouth dry?  Would you rather go head to head with a rattlesnake than give a speech? If so, you aren’t alone!  Public speaking is usually ranked as one of the top ten things people fear the most.    Toastmasters can help! Toastmasters International:  is an organization dedicated to improving public speaking and leadership skills by providing a friendly, supportive environment with proven programs.   For more information:
    What Toastmasters Membership Provides[pdf]
    Comparison of Costs for Toastmasters[pdf]

Resources and Workshops

SkillPath Seminars
Fred Pryor Seminars/CareerTrack
National Seminars Training
Maximum Advantage
Shirley Fine Lee

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 ASSET Cookbook
ASSET Cookbook Display in the TWU Bookstore!!
The “TWU Cooks” Cookbook ($20.00) published by the Association of Service and Support Employees of Texas Woman's University (ASSET) proceeds are used to fund the Wilkes Berry Memorial Scholarship, the ASSET Scholarship, Professional Development Award, and ASSET hardship fund. The cookbook contains historic stories and photos of Texas Woman’s University and over 300 recipes.  Recipes have been contributed by the TWU community, everyone from former TWU presidents to friends of the university.   Get your copy by delivering an order form [pdf] and payment to any of the current ASSET officers or cookbooks can be mailed for a mere $3 shipping fee.  For additional information, please call 940-898-2202 and ask for Sharon.

Our thanks go out to all those that purchase the “TWU Cooks” and our many ASSET supporters.   

 going green