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Mission and Goals Statement

School of the Arts: Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts

To develop an appreciation and understanding of the arts as expressions of personal and cultural experience and to prepare individuals, particularly women, for professional work in the arts.

It is the special mission of the School of the Arts:

  • Goal: Educational Programs for Arts Professionals
    To provide liberal arts-based graduate and undergraduate programs of study which balance tradition and innovation and value diverse approaches to making, performing and researching the arts.
  • Goal: Collaboration Among the Arts
    To provide a collaborative teaching/learning environment that encourages a diverse student population to develop meaningful interaction across the arts disciplines.
  • Goal: Scholarship
    To advance knowledge and creative aresearch in the arts through encouraging excellence in art making, performance, research and writing by students and faculty in local, regional, national and international venues.
  • Goal: Support Core Curriculum
    To offer arts courses and experiences designed to provide all university students with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand and appreciate the arts.
  • Goal: Arts in the Community
    To enhance the cultural life of the community through exhibitions, performances, and educational programs designed to promote engagement with the arts.

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