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Students are encouraged to meet with advisors in programs and with TWU Career Services their first semester on campus in order to develop or refine career goals and to develop a career plan.

Learning Resources

  • The Math and Technology Success Center is available to assist TWU students in reaching their educational goals in math and technology through technology programs and individual and group tutoring. Tutoring is provided to TWU students who are enrolled in math and technology courses, enrolled in any courses with math and technology components, or preparing to pass the math section of THEA.
  • Science Learning Resource Center (SLRC) offers a variety of resources for freshman and sophomore students taking biology, chemistry, and physics courses. SLRC offers programs called "kits" on CD or video format; online chemistry homework for various introductory chemistry courses; and peer tutors for freshman and sophomore students in biology, chemistry, and physics.
  • The Write Site offers trained tutors who provide support and guidance to university students seeking to improve their skills in composition. These services are provided to university students free of charge and are intended as assistance to students of every level of writing experience and skill. The Write Site strives to help writers develop their composition skills by assisting them with individual papers in an intensive, non-threatening, one-on-one setting.
  • The Online Writing Lab (OWL) is another option for those students who are unable to visit the Write Site. The goal of OWL is to provide an opportunity for students to have a trained reader offer feedback and guidance to help them improve not only a given written product, but their writing processes and practices as well.
  • Bridges to the Baccalaureate is a program funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that Texas Woman's University along with several community colleges in the area participate in to assist more individuals from underrepresented ethnic groups to pursue a baccalaureate degree in mathematics or science. This program was developed so students can eventually obtain a Ph.D. degree and build a career in biomedical research. This program is part of a nationwide endeavor to increase the number of underrepresented groups in biomedical research. Bridges students have access to research faculty as well as peer mentors. The Bridges Program also provides opportunities for participants to learn more about biomedical research by offering seminars, laboratory tours, a summer preparatory course for research, and research-related events.
  • MentorNet - Each Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Mathematics major at TWU has access to MentorNet, an award-winning, electronic mentoring network that has been shown to positively affect the retention and success of those in science and mathematics, particularly but not exclusively women and others underrepresented in these fields. MentorNet provides participating students with positive, one-on-one, email-based relationships with mentors from industry, government, and higher education. TWU students began participating in this program in Spring 2007.
For more information, visit the Texas Workforce Commission site.


Throughout the College of Arts and Sciences there are numerous opportunities for student internships in various fields of study.

 For more information: Dr. Claire Sahlin.
Chemistry & Biochemistry
 For more information: Dr. Richard Sheardy.
 For more information: Professor Mary Williford-Shade.
 For more information: Dr. Patrick Bynane.  
 For more information: Dr. Genevieve West.  
Fashion & Textiles
 For more information: Dr. Deborah Young.  
Health Systems Management
 For more information: Dr. Rob Maurer.  
History & Government 
    History - for more information: Dr. Kate Landdeck
    Government and Public Administration - for more information: Ms. Pat Devereaux
    Criminal Justice - for more information: Ms. Pat Devereaux
    Legal Studies - for more information: Professor Jeff Robb
School of Management
 For more information: Dr. Deborah Young.
Mathematics & Computer Science
 For more information: Dr. Don Edwards.
 For more information: Dr. Pamela Youngblood.
Psychology & Philosophy
 For more information: Dr. Shannon Scott.
Social Work
 For more information: Professor Mark Sandel
 For more information: Dr. Celia Lo
Visual Arts
 For more information: Dr. Vagner Whitehead
Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies  
 For more information: Dr. Mark Kessler

Honor Societies & Organizations

TWU Honor Societies

Alpha Chi
Gamma Beta Phi
Golden Key
Mortar Board
National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Phi Kappa Phi
TWU Honors Scholar Program

Departmental Honor Societies and Organizations

• Beta Beta Beta 
• Iota Sigma Pi 
• KEM Club 
English, Speech and Foreign Languages
• Omega Rho Alpha (English)
• Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish)
• Sigma Tau Delta (Beta Epsilon Chapter - English)
History and Government
• Alpha Phi Sigman (Criminal Justice)
• Phi Alpha Theta (History)
• Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science)
Management, School of
• Sigma Beta Delta (Business)
• Sigma Pi Beta (Business and Economics)
Mathematics and Computer Science
• Kappa Mu Epsilon (Mathematics)

Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies
Multicultural Women’s and Gender Student Triota
• Psi Chi
Sociology and Social Work
• Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD) (Sociology)
• Phi Alpha (Social Work)
Visual Arts
• Art Teacher Network
• Clay Underground
• Delta Phi Delta
• Photographic Artists Coalition
• Visual Arts Alumni Association

Appeals Process

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