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Statement of Purpose

The TWU Annual Science Fair is a community outreach event held on TWU’s Denton campus and is a joint endeavor between the departments of Chemistry and Biology.  The Science Fair is geared toward youth in the Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, and North Texas areas that are in kindergarten through eighth grade.  The fair is open to all students who are in public, private, parochial, and home schools. 

The fair focuses attention on science experiences in the classroom, stimulates a greater interest in science by all students, recognizes and commends youthful scientific talent and hobby pursuits, provides constructive suggestions for students and teachers of science and arouses the public interest in the scientific ability of the areas youth.

The overall goals of TWU and the College of Arts & Sciences for this event is to increase science and mathematics study in the North Texas area as we provide a venue for display to support the increasing amount of students who are becoming involved in scientific study. 

  • To focus attention on science experiences in school.
  • To stimulate greater interest in science by all students.
  • To recognize and commend youthful scientific talent and hobby pursuits.
  • To stimulate interest in scientific investigation over and above routine class work.
  • To offer an opportunity for display of scientific talent through exhibit and demonstration.
  • To provide constructive suggestions for teachers and students of science.
  • To arouse interest of the public in science abilities of students and teachers.

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