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Safety Precautions in Displaying the Exhibit

  • No dangerous chemical substances, such as caustics, acids, highly combustible solids, fluids, or gases in pressurized tanks may be displayed.
  • Any electrical apparatus must be constructed according to standard electrical laws. If in doubt consult a competent electrician or your electrical inspector.
  • No live disease-causing organisms that are pathogenic to man or other live vertebrates.
  • No microbial cultures, alive or dead, including unknown specimens.
  • No vertebrate animals.
  • No food, neither human nor animal.
  • No syringes, pipettes, and similar devices.
  • The Science Fair committee reserves the right of refusal of an exhibit it considers unsafe.
  • Any project that does not strictly adhere to the Safety Precautions and Rules for Exhibit will be disqualified.

page last updated 2/5/2016 4:21 PM