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22nd Annual TWU Science Fair 
April 9, 2011 

Science Fair 2011


Best in Class

Best in Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
Avery Appling
Avery Appling - 2nd grade
Selwyn School
"What Color Can Dogs See Best?"

 Best in 4th - 6th Grade
Sean Atchue
Sean Atchue - 4th grade
Mambrino Elementary - Granbury ISD
"Do I Really Have to Brush?"

Best in 7th - 9th Grade
Lana Leach 
Lana Leach - 8th grade
"Oil Reclamation"

Best in Grade

Jasmine Gonzalez
Jasmine Gonzalez
Slidell Elementary - Slidell ISD
"Bone Breaking"

1st Grade
Alexander Call
Alexander Call
Roberson Elementary - Granbury ISD
"Sink or Float"

2nd Grade
Ella Perry
Ella Perry
Selwyn School
"Kool-Aid Temperature Project"

3rd Grade
Jack Daniel Groves 
Jack Daniel Groves
Zeller Elementary - Little Elm ISD
"How Weight Works"

4th Grade
Ethan Mills
Ethan Mills
Marine Creek Elementary - Lake Worth ISD

5th Grade
Sarah Wood 
Sarah Wood
Wilson Elementary - Coppell ISD
"Muffins: A tasty treat, or not so sweet."

6th Grade
Charles Smith
Charles Smith
Pope Elementary - Arlington ISD
"Hot Stuff!"

7th Grade
Lang Campbell
Lang Campbell
Christ the King - Catholic Diocese DISD
"Click or Treat"

8th Grade
Cecilia Zhou
Cecilia Zhou
Robinson Middle School - Plano ISD
"Herbs vs. Yeast"

9th Grade
Kathan Trivedi
Kathan Trivedi
Richardson High School - Richardson ISD
"Going Green: Testing the effects of acid rain on different materials over prolonged periods of time"

Certificate Awards

Best Journal
Jeremy Clark-McKay - 4th grade
Newfound Private School - Carrollton ISD
"Up, Up, and Explosion" 

Most Original Idea
Dakota Woods - 5th grade
Slidell Elementary - Slidell ISD
"Peanut Power"

Best Use of Plants
Maeland Harper - 4th grade
Duff Elementary - Arlington ISD
"Can A Root Root?"

Best Use of Scientific Method
Lana Leach - 8th Grade
"Oil Reclamation"

Best Use of Electricity
Vista Fullingim - 6th grade
McCarroll Middle School - Decatur ISD
"A Shocking Way to Take and Store Static Electricity"

Most Creative Display
Avery Appling - 2nd grade
Selwyn School
"What Color Can Dogs See Best?"

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