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Privacy in the Digital Age    November 3, 2009
    2:30pm - 4:00pm
    CFO 204

November 3, 2009: The forum addressed the impact of technology on information privacy.  Three speakers addressed different aspects of this issue. Dr. Pushkala Raman, Associate Professor of Marketing at TWU, concentrated on the privacy of consumer information. Jean Mankoff, Director of Instructional Technology Delivery Systems at TWU, addressed the topic of managing social media risks, focusing on social networks such as Facebook and the privacy of personal information. Dennis Hoebee, Directory of information Security and Disaster Recovery at TWU, discussed information security issues.

Public Affairs Forum - Privacy in the Digital Age Public Affairs Forum - Committee
(photo1: Mr. Dennis Hoebee, Ms. Jean Mankoff, Dr. Pushkala Raman)
(photo2: top row - Dr. Hugh Burns, Dr. Mahmoud Sadri, Dr. Sarah McIntire, Dr. Marie-Anne Demuynck
bottom row - Dr. Nicki Cohen, Dr. Valentine Belfiglio, Dr. Shweta Singh, Dr. James Williams)

Public Affairs Forum: Privacy in the Digital Age

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