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The Ann Stuart and Ray R Poliakoff Celebration of Science

The Ann Stuart and Ray R. Poliakoff
Celebration of Science

March 6, 2015

2015 Ann Stuart and Ray R. Poliakoff Celebration of Science.  You are invited to attend any or all of the three key components of the day.

8:30-9:30 a.m. Research poster session in ASSC Atrium (1st floor Ann Stuart Science Complex): featuring ongoing research by selected TWU science students, with their faculty mentors (w/ continental breakfast).

10:30-11:45 a.m. Forum in ACT-301: “Pathways and Challenges for Professional Women,” a panel discussion by our esteemed guest speakers that will be of particular interest and value to both our undergraduate and graduate-level students.  You are encouraged to announce this forum to your students (info flyer to follow).

1:30-5:00 p.m. Symposium in ASSC 259: “Women in Science: Research at the Interface of Biology and Chemistry,” featuring a scientific presentation, with time for Q&A, by each of our three guest speakers:

Dr. Cynthia McMurray, Senior Staff Scientist in Life Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs in Berkeley, California.  Research interest is in studying signaling mechanisms to determine causes and effect of DNA instability in human disease.

Dr. Kara Bren, Professor of Chemistry in Chemistry Department at University of Rochester in New York.  Research interest is in fields of bioinorganic and biophysical chemistry seeking to understand how protein structure dictates protein dynamics and function.

Dr. Elaine Fuchs, Investigator at Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Rebecca C. Lancefield Professor in the Laboratory of Mammalian Cell Biology and Development at Rockefeller University in New York, and member of the National Academy of Sciences.  Research interest is in understanding molecular mechanisms underlying the ability of skin stem cells to produce the epidermis and its appendages to understand wound healing and human disease of the skin.

5:00-6:00 p.m. Reception in ASSC Atrium for all symposium attendees.  Refreshments will be served while students, faculty, staff and administrators have an opportunity to engage with our guest speakers.

About the Ann Stuart and Ray R. Poliakoff Celebration of Science Series

Chancellor Stuart established the Ann Stuart and Ray R. Poliakoff Celebration of Science Series in 2011 with a $200,000 gift to the university.  Through a commitment of two decades of funding, the Celebration of Science Series intends to provide the opportunity for the Departments of Biology and Chemistry/Biochemistry to develop a sustained program of promoting and celebrating the wonders, truths and mysteries of science. 

The Celebration of Science Series will continue annually through 2032.  Although events will vary from year to year, the intent always will be to engage current TWU students and faculty, alumni, K-12 students in Denton and others in the community.

Both Dr. Ann Stuart and Mr. Ray Poliakoff, wife and husband, were first generation graduates of public higher education, and both often said it was their education that enabled them to pursue the opportunities that enriched their lives.

Dr. Stuart, a professor of English, loved the quest of learning, the pleasure of reading, and her career in education both as a teacher and as an administrator.

Mr. Poliakoff served in a reconnaissance intelligence unit in Europe during World War II and was twice wounded in combat. After the war, he graduated from law school and spent the majority of his professional career working with various national and international concerns and individuals in coal, oil, gas, and other natural resource ventures and concessions in the U.S., Alaska, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Mid-East and the Far East.

They both gave generously to create opportunities for young people to pursue their goals.

TWU Chancellor Ann Stuart, her late husband Ray Poliakoff and their dogs Georgette and Honeybear.

Photo courtesy of Ronda DuTeil.

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