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Members of STARS were asked to participate in the first annual September 11th Candle Light Walk sponsored by the TWU Student Union. An article was featured in the TWU Lasso with comments from a STARS officer; an excerpt from the Lasso is below.

Student organizer Victoria Ware said the event has two primary two purposes: “to remind the current generation to not forget about the day our nation was thrown into chaos, but brought together to stand strong against terrorism, and to honor the valiant men and women who gave their lives on that terrible day,” she said. “The impact of 9/11 was catastrophic and it is this generation’s duty to keep the flame of those who have fallen shining brightly. We shall not forget”.

The goal of the event was to provide TWU students with a chance for reflection during a sensitive time. (Kyle Voyles, director of the Student Union) The full article can be found STARS hopes to continue to provide support in organizing and manning this special TWU event.

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