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Student Alumni Relations Council (STARS)

STARS was established in 2009 by Anne Scott, the Director of the Office of Alumni Relations. STARS was designed to strengthen the bond between current Texas Woman’s University students and alumni, while reminding students of the importance of maintaining a link with their alma mater. STARS creates, preserves, and teaches tradition while helping to facilitate relationships between students and alumni.


If you would like to play a part in STARS, complete the Membership Application (pdf)

NOTE: If you are interested in STARS Scholarship information please contact Lisa Quinones at TWU Enrollment Services .  Student Alumni Relations Council (STARS) is not involved with the STARS Scholarship. For additional information visit the TWU Scholarships webpage at 

STARS Officers

Desiree Miller - President - STARS
President: Desiree Miller
Alexis Garcia - Vice President of STARS 
Vice President: Alexis Garcia
Nathaly Contreras - Communications-STARS
Communications: Nathaly Contreras

Treasurer: Cory Lee
Leeza DeLeon - Secretary - STARS
Secretary: Leeza DeLeon

Events & Programs

Accolades & Recognitions

STARS has been recognized by TWU and at the CASE District Conference of the Affiliated Student Advancement Programs. More about “Accolades & Recognitions”...

Contact Us

Office of Alumni Relations, STARS-Student Alumni Relations Council
P.O. Box 425725
Denton, TX 76204-5725

Anne Scott, Director of Alumni Relations

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