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Dr. Ann StuartThe Chancellor's Alumni Excellence Award is generously funded by Ann Stuart, Ph.D., former Chancellor and President Emerita of Texas Woman's University.  Through her commitment of two decades of funding, Dr. Stuart is providing a sustained program to honor graduates who have made significant contributions to society and whose accomplishments and career achievements reflect the excellence of the university.  Dr. Stuart retired as Chancellor and President of Texas Woman's University in 2014 having brought transformational change to the university.  In addition to the Chancellor's Alumni Excellence Award she has funded a number of TWU scholarships and educational programs to ensure academic excellence at the university.

Chancellor's Alumni Excellence Award

The Chancellor's Alumni Excellence Award, which is given once a year, recognizes TWU graduates for exceptional accomplishment in a career field and/or public service.  Recipients are honored permanently on a recognition wall in the foyer of Hubbard Hall on the TWU-Denton campus.  Selection for the award is determined by a committee of university faculty, administrators, alumni, and students.  Honorees for this award are invited to one of the TWU campus locations within a year of their selection to share their expertise and experiences with faculty and students.


How to Nominate

Purpose of the Award

To recognize exceptional career and/or public service achievements by TWU graduates

Frequency of the Award

The award may be presented annually


Exceptional achievement in career field and/or public service which may include:

  • A distinguished record of professional accomplishments within chosen career field and its affiliations
  • A demonstrated record of service, bettering the lives of others
  • National or international leadership, recognition and/or contributions in career field or public service

Recipients must agree to:

  • Have their story used in the promotion and marketing of TWU
  • Return to one of the TWU campus locations to speak to students and faculty.


  • The recipients will be honored permanently on a recognition wall in the Foyer of Hubbard Hall.
  • Recipients agree to have their story used in the promotion and marketing of TWU and to be invited to campus to speak to students and faculty.
  • An attractive Lucite award appropriate for display will be given to each honoree.
  • The Chancellor or Chancellor’s Representative will present the award to each recipient during the campus visit or at another appropriate venue.


  • Complete the nomination form
  • Include a statement of nomination which is not more than one page in length
  • Attach a biography, resume or other appropriate career related information
  • Submit the form

    Office of Alumni Relations 
    P.O. Box  425725
    Denton, TX 76204-5725
    OR Fax: 940-898-3877
    OR E-Mail:  


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