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International First Year Admissions

  • Students who have not earned any post-secondary credit
  • Must have completed the equivalent of a high school diploma in home country
  • Have a 2.0 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scales
  • TOEFL score or exemption
  • If graduating from a US high school, then SAT or ACT scores may be needed.  Please see First Year Admissions Requirements for more detailed information.

International Transfer Admissions

  • Students who have earned 12.0 or more transferable credit hours from a regionally accredited university or college
  • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • TOEFL score or exemption 

International Graduate Admissions

Deferring an Admission Application

  • International applicants that have not yet been accepted to TWU should complete an Application Change Form
  • International applicants that have been accepted to TWU may defer their application up to one year from the first semester of acceptance (Example: A student accepted for Fall 2013 may only defer their admission to Spring 2014).  Students cannot defer their admission for more than a year.  In this case, the student will be required to reapply and pay another application fee.  Previously submitted transcripts, marksheets, and diplomas will not be required.  If the student has attended another college or university since the date of his/her application, only new transcripts, marksheets, and diplomas will be required with the new application.

Transcript and Test Score Requirements:

 Foreign credentials of all applicants to TWU will be evaluated by TWU’s International Admissions staff, whether or not they have already been evaluated by an outside evaluation service. If there is a difference between the evaluation of the outside service and TWU’s evaluation, the evaluation used will be that of TWU’s Admission staff. Therefore, we do not encourage students to use an outside evaluation service for consideration of admission to TWU.

1.   Official copies of all transcripts/marksheets and diplomas of previous college or university course work from schools attended in the U.S. or abroad plus secondary school credits, diplomas, certificates, and/or national examination scores as given in student’s country or the U.S. Documents must be originals or copies which have been attested by the issuing university or a government education agency. Notarized copies are not acceptable.

2.   Official transcripts or original mark sheets and diplomas must bear the official seal and/or original signatures of school registrar from the issuing school.

3.   ALL Transcripts must be sent in a sealed, unopened envelope.

4.   All documents, which includes academic and financial documents, must include an English translation. The translation must be prepared by the issuing university, a government agency or an established translation service.

5.   Submitted transcripts/diplomas/certificates are the property of TWU and will not be returned to the applicant.

6.   Transcripts from foreign institutions MAY be returned to the student if a written request and a  self-addressed stamped envelope is submitted with the documents.

7.   Copies of English Proficiency and GRE scores must be submitted in original format or transmitted to TWU directly from the testing institution.

8.   Photocopies, faxed copies, notarized or scanned copies of transcripts/mark sheets, diplomas and test scores are not acceptable.

9.   Credential evaluations prepared by an external evaluation agency may be submitted, however, the final decision of equivalency will be determined by TWU.   Receipt of an external evaluation report does not waive the requirement of submitting official documents.

10.   All transcripts will be given a course-by-course evaluation by the Texas Woman’s University international transcript evaluator as part of the application fee.





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