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Assured First-Year Student Admission

First-time first-year applicants who meet both of the following criteria will be approved automatically for admission to Texas Woman’s University:

  • Graduation from a regionally accredited high school in Texas during the past two years; and
  • Class ranking which places the applicant in the top 25 percent of the applicant’s high school graduating class.

Class rank will be based in the end of the 11th grade, middle of the 12th grade, or at high school graduation, whichever is the most recent when the application is reviewed.

NOTE: Although in the above instance admission to TWU is assured, ACT or SAT test scores are recommended to ensure proper advising and course placement. All new freshmen applying for scholarships are required to submit an ACT or SAT test score.

Regular First-Year Student Admission

First-year applicants who do not meet the requirements for Assured Admission will be considered for Regular Admission if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • Graduated from a regionally accredited high school, a home-school program or hold a GED certificate of completion
  • Attained at least a 2.0 high school grade point average on a 4.0 scale
  • Have class ranking in the top 50 percent of their high school graduating class, and
  • Scored at least 1,000 (critical reading and math combined) on the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) OR scored 21 or above composite on the American College Testing Program (ACT), and
  • Completed at least 14 academic credits of the Recommended or Distinguished Texas High School Curriculum*, or an International Baccalaureate Program,


  • If attending a private Texas high school or an out-of-state high school, completed or enrolled in a college-prep curriculum as outlined below:
    • English (4 units)
    • Math (3 units, including Alg II)
    • Science (3 units)
    • Social Sciences (3 units)
    • Academic Electives (3 units)
  • Students who are home-schooled or graduating from an unaccredited high school must meet the minimum required SAT or ACT score as specified for Regular First-Year Student Admission.

*Changes to the Recommended and/or Distinguished Curriculum adopted by the state will be followed by TWU.

Individual Review - First - Year Student Admission

First-year applicants who do not meet all of the Assured Admission or Regular Admission requirements are reviewed individually by an Admissions Review Committee. An applicant’s academic information, official transcript and test score, is thoroughly reviewed to determine if an offer of Admission will be made. The objective of Individual Review is to identify performance factors that would indicate student success at TWU.  Additional credentials or materials may be requested from applicants going through an Individual Review process.

Students admitted through Individual Review are offered Regular Admission as a First-Year student.

State of Texas Uniform Admission Policy

Texas Education Code (TEC) 51.803-51.809 requires that all students meet one of the following college readiness standards in order to be eligible to be considered for admission at a Texas Four-Year Public Institution.

  • Successfully complete the recommended or advanced high school program or complete the portion of the program that was available to them; or
  • Satisfy the College Readiness Benchmarks on the SAT or ACT assessment
  • SAT – 1500 out of 2400 (Verbal + Math + Writing)
  • ACT – 18 English, 21 Reading, 22 Mathematics and 24 Science; or
  • Successfully complete a curriculum that is equivalent in content and rigor to the recommended or advanced high school program at a high school that is exempt from offering such programs

Students that do not meet one of first two requirements must prove they have taken an academic program equivalent in content or rigor by having their high school counselor fill out the appropriate Certification of Course Completion Equivalent to Recommended High School Program forms. Forms are to be submitted to The Office of Admissions Processing, Texas Woman's University.


  • An application is not required if attendance at TWU is within the last calendar year.
  • A student who has attended another institution since her/his last enrollment at TWU must submit an official transcript from each additional school attended.
  • A student who was once admitted and enrolled as a degree-seeking candidate at TWU but who has not enrolled for at least 1 calendar year is required to apply for readmission. Only a completed application is required. No application fee is needed.
  • Individual TWU schools, colleges, or programs may have additional readmission requirements. Please check with them.
  • It is recommended that application for readmission be completed and returned to the Office of Admissions at least two weeks prior to registration to ensure adequate processing and notification.

Home Schooled 

Home schooled applicants who seek admission to Texas Woman's University for their first semester in college should submit the following documents:

  1. an official transcript showing completion of a secondary school education and the date of completion
  2. official test score results from SAT or ACT

Applicants who do not meet the above requirements will have their application reviewed by an admission officer.

Applicants will be given the opportunity to provide additional information to support their request for individual consideration.

Adult/Non-traditional Student Admission

An applicant may apply under adult student status if all of the following conditions are met. The applicant must:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Have been out of high school for five or more years or obtained the GED more than five years ago. If the high school diploma or the GED was obtained less than five years ago, the applicant should apply as a traditional first-year student; and
  • Have not previously attempted more than 12 hours of college level credit.

Applicants must submit an application form, application fee and official high school transcript or GED.

Although an SAT or ACT test score is not required for admissions, official THEA scores are required prior to enrollment in coursework.

If an applicant has completed GED requirements, the completion date of the GED serves as the applicants high school graduation date.

High School Advantage - Dual and Concurrent Enrollment

Current high school juniors and seniors with a minimum of a B average may apply for dual or concurrent enrollment. Students must complete and submit the following information:

  • An application using the ApplyTexas application, found at
  • A $50 non-refundable application fee (can be done online with ApplyTexas application or mail to TWU Office of Admissions, attn: Director of Admissions, PO Box 425589, Denton, TX 76204-5589)
  • TWU High School Advantage Signature Permission Form. Student, parent, and principal/counselor signatures will certify permission for enrollment into the High School Advantage Program. Can also be obtained from high school counselor.
  • A recent Official High School Transcript should show the student’s rank, GPA, completed courses, and applicable test results.

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