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  • A student who attempts a course with the same content more than twice at TWU will pay tuition for that course at the out-of-state rate.
  • Effective for courses taken Fall 2009 or later, the higher grade counts.
  • The repeat-course tuition penalty applies only to courses that are not generally repeatable for additional credit.
  • Developmental courses are not subject to this rule unless the student takes more than 18 hours of developmental coursework.
  • Students are not billed for out-of-state tuition at the time they register; they are billed after the census date. The rule is based on being enrolled in courses above the hours limit on or after the census day [12th class day in long semesters and 4th day in summer classes].
  • Transfer courses are not counted, only courses taken at TWU for the repeat course rule.
  • If a student must repeat a course in the final semester before graduation in order to meet (GPA) graduation requirements, that student may be exempt from nonresident tuition resulting solely from the repeat course rule. 
  • Detailed description of the policy is found on the Bursar's website. That description is the official policy statement.

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