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The University Curriculum Committee has primary responsibility for coordinating curricula across the University’s academic components.  Its role is based on the premise that primary responsibility for curriculum rests with the faculty in each academic unit in each college.  As a result, TWU’s curriculum represents a diversity of programs to meet student needs within a unified whole that requires coordination among academic components.

The University Curriculum Committee membership [Word] is composed of faculty members and a representative of the Library nominated by the Faculty Senate Committee Selection Committee and appointed by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. One undergraduate student is nominated by the Vice President for Student Life, and one graduate student is appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School. A representative of the Academic Council is designated by the Academic Council. Ex-officio members include the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Senior Associate Provost, the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Academic Partnerships, the Dean of the Graduate School, the Registrar, and the Director of the Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology.

The work of the University Curriculum Committee is facilitated by the Office of the Senior Associate Provost. Minutes [Word] of the last Curriculum Committee meeting are posted on this website. Committee members carry out liaison assignments [Word] to assist academic components with their proposals to the committee according to the timeline [Word] for each academic year.

The University Curriculum Committee Handbook [PDF] provides detailed information for academic units proposing curriculum changes as well as the committee.

Two forms are utilized by academic components to request curriculum changes:

Other helpful information in the curriculum process includes:


2014-2015 Curriculum Committee - Round 2 Proposals

Download all proposals as one document here [PDF - 31 MB]. This combined file has bookmarks to make it easy to locate each proposal. It is recommended that you download the file to your desktop computer or mobile device, then open it to access the bookmarks to individual proposals (you may not be able to see the bookmarks if you view the PDF through your web browser).  Please be patient as the large file size may take some time to download.  All pages are searchable.

These are the groups of individual Academic Component proposals.  These files are smaller, but proposals are not individually bookmarked. All pages are searchable.

All documents are distributed in electronic format.  Curriculum Committee members who wish to receive paper copies of the supporting documentation may contact Scott Martin, Academic Affairs Specialist at 81-3508 or  Physical supporting documentation will be sent out via campus mail within two day of request receipt.

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