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I. Voting Members

 -Faculty members* – designated by the Faculty Senate Committee Selection Committee

-Student members - undergraduate student nominated by Student Life; graduate student nominated by Graduate School

-Representatives - Faculty Senate representative designated by Senate; Academic Council representative designated by Academic Council; Library representative

II. Ex-Officio Members (non-voting)

 -Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

-Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies & Academic Partnerships

-Dean of the Graduate School


-Coordinator of Distance Education

*Process for Faculty Membership on the Curriculum Committee

 -Designated by Faculty Senate annually

-Number of members chosen in proportion to numbers of Senators from each college: 50% of the number of Senators. Therefore, if a College has 6 Senators, it will have 3 members on the Curriculum Committee.

-Member Selection Process: indicate willingness to serve on Committee Preference Form (March or sooner each year); Chancellor’s office sends list of preferences to Faculty Senate; Senate sends designated members to Provost who officially appoints members.

-Membership Term: 1 year

III. Meetings

 -September meeting: Orientation

-October meeting: First round of applications for changes in curriculum

-November/December meeting: Final round of applications for changes in curriculum

-Other meetings: as needed to complete other business, not for additional course changes

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