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Dr. Lynda Murphy

Photo of Dr. Lynda Murphy, Director of TLTDirector of TLT

Lynda was hired by the TWU Graduate School in 1993. Before that, she worked for 10 years at Navarro College in student services and served as an adjunct instructor in their fine arts program. Currently, she coordinates TWU’s distance education activities.

Dr. Keith Restine

Photo of Dr. Keith Restine, Associate Director of TLTAssociate Director of TLT

Keith has been at TWU since 2006. Prior to that, he was the Director of the Texas Center for Educational Technology at the University of North Texas. He also spent over twenty years in public education as a teacher and an administrator. Keith coordinates the instructional design and faculty development services for TLT. He likes to garden, fish and eat New Mexico food.

Janet Bickel-Burton

Photo of Janet Instructional Designer III Dallas CenterInstructional Designer III, Dallas Center

Janet has been with TWU-Dallas over twenty years and joined the Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology for the Institute of Health Sciences in Dallas in June 2013.  Teaching for comprehension is her passion and professional goal. Initially, Ms. Bickel-Burton customized learning with one student per class as a private school teacher and in 1991 joined the TWU-IHSD Library where she taught research strategies and skills with students and faculty. Her Bachelor of Science in Education degree is from Miami University (Ohio). In her journey to graduating with a Master of Library Science degree in 2004 from TWU, she submitted a Fulbright Research application for Iceland. She also teaches business research via Southern Methodist University’s Cox Business Library. In her spare time, Janet enjoys the art of communicating ideas via storytelling, spicy foods, and helping rescue dogs.

Aubree Evans

Photo of Aubree Evans, Instructional Designer IIInstructional Designer II, College of Arts and Sciences

Before joining the Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology in 2014, Aubree taught English, composition, and business writing courses both face-to-face and online for ten years. She is a native Texan who has lived and taught in the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan. Her M.A. is in the Teaching of Languages with an emphasis on Computer-Assisted Language Learning from the University of Southern Mississippi, and her B.A. is in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida. She also holds an Advanced Online Facilitator Certification from the University of Phoenix and has conducted research related to the use of asynchronous discussion forums in face-to-face composition classes. In her free time she loves to knit, hike, and listen to music with her husband, son, and two spoiled cats.

Dr. Stacy Greathouse

Photo of Stacy Greathouse, Instructional Designer IIInstructional Designer II, College of Health Sciences

Stacy signed on with the TLT crew in 2014 and came aboard with a PhD in English Studies from Illinois State University (2013) that focused on pedagogy and pirates in children’s literature. Her piratical pedagogy complements 15 years of navigating diverse instructional environments to chart courses in literature, composition, education, speech, career counseling, and computers. Owing to a strong tailwind, she hopes to guide new and developing instructors’ transitions from witnessing teaching to being the instructors they want to be regardless of the environment or subject. Unsurprisingly, Stacy searches tirelessly for treasures of new knowledge. These journeys include volunteering at a no-kill humane society and taking classes in ballroom dancing.

Cindy Howell

Photo of Cindy Howell, Project CoordinatorProject Coordinator

Cindy has been at TWU since July of 1989 and with the Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology since 2012. In her current position, she designs promotional materials for events, maintains the TLT website, and helps with student inquiries. She enjoys spending time with her family and photography.

Laura Macsas

Photo of Laura Macsas, Administrative AssistantSenior Administrative Assistant

Laura has been at TWU since 2007 and with the Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology since the Spring of 2009. She conducts administrative duties such as coordinating meetings, travel and purchases. She also interacts with students to provide answers, resources and contact information. Her favorite pastimes are spending time with her family, road trips and music festivals.

Diann Maurer

Photo of Diann Maurer, ID IIInstructional Designer II, Colleges of Nursing & Professional Education

Diann joined the TLT team as an instructional designer in April 2010. Originally from Indiana, Diann moved to Denton in the fall of 2009 to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Women’s Studies at TWU. Before becoming an instructional designer, she served as a graduate assistant for Distance Education. She has Bachelor of Arts degrees from Ball State University in Telecommunications (2007), Women’s Studies (2007) and Criminal Justice & Criminology (2009). Diann considers herself a lifelong student and maintains that what she has not learned in school or from family, she has learned by watching Star Trek.

Alli Peterson

Photo of Alli Peterson, ID IIICertified Virtual Instructor & Instructional Designer III, Denton Campus

Alli has been working with online students, faculty and staff since June 2001. After receiving her Master of Library Science degree from TWU, she joined the Blagg-Huey Library working with the Distance Education librarian on electronic reserves. She joined the Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology in December 2003 and has been providing her expertise in basic course design and faculty development ever since. Alli manages TWU’s Quality Matters program and provides support for faculty on the Denton campus. In her free time, Alli loves to read, watch hockey and football, and spend time with her husband and daughter.

Allison Rogers

Photo of Allison Rogers, Coordinator, TLT CommunicationsCoordinator, TLT Communications

Allison is the Coordinator of TLT Communications. She has worked here since October of 2004, and in her current position she creates and executes communication plans for any internal, university-wide communications related to our office. She also plans events, coordinates event registration and surveys and helps with student inquiries. She loves to spend time with her husband and their son, cook, travel and watch movies.

Valerie Shapko

Photo of Valerie Shapko, ID IIICertified Virtual Instructor & Instructional Designer III, Houston Center

In August of 2008, Ms. Valerie Shapko joined the Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology as the new senior instructional design specialist for the Institute of Health Sciences in Houston. For the past 15 years, she served as an instructional designer for institutions such as Sun Health, University of Phoenix and ECS. Valerie holds an Associate of Applied Science Degree in web site administration from The Art Institute of Phoenix, a Bachelor of Arts in computer science and communications from Brooklyn College, as well as a Master of Business Administration and Global Management degree from the University of Phoenix. She also has four years of teaching experience both in the classroom and online.

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