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What is Quality Matters?

Quality Matters LogoThe Quality Matters™ (QM) Program originated in 2003 as a 3 year FIPSE grant, administrated by MarylandOnline, Inc. The goal was an inter-institutional quality assurance process to certify the quality of online courses and online course components. The rubric and process used were based on national standards. The aim was to make QM a faculty-driven, collegial process which emphasized continuous improvement. Quality Matters became a self-supporting organization in 2006. TWU became a subscribing member and began a pilot project with QM in 2007.

For more information on Quality Matters, contact Diann Maurer, QM Coordinator at TWU (

TWU Peer Review Program

The Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology sponsors a voluntary collegial peer review process based on the Quality Matters standards and procedures. Through TWU's QM Coordinator, TWU locally manages an official Peer Review Program with the goal of increasing the number of nationally recognized QM certified courses at the institution.

Applications are continuously accepted for course reviews. Official reviews are conducted by trained and qualified peer reviewers. Application for review is not a guarantee of review. A limited number of reviews will be conducted each academic year. Reviews will be distributed among programs and departments. Eligible faculty are required to have successfully completed the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric workshop. Additional weight will be given to faculty who have completed Peer Reviewer Certification and further faculty development through the Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology.

Interested faculty will need to submit a Course Review Application [pdf] and a signed Memo of Understanding [pdf].

Recognized Courses


  • GOV 2023: Texas Government, Dr. Jennifer Danley-Scott 


  • BUS 4333: Business Policy, Dr. Derek Crews
  • LS 5233: Multimedia Resources & Services, Dr. Jennifer Richey
  • NURS 6023: Philosophy of Nursing Science, Dr. Marge Benham-Hutchins
  • NURS 6024: Theory & Methods of Qualitative Nursing Research, Dr. Donna Scott-Tilley
  • NURS 6173: Instruments in Nursing Research, Dr. Donna Sauls


  • KINS 5483: Sport Sales, Sponsorship and Fundraising, Dr. Kimberly Miloch
  • NURS 6002: Multicultural Nursing, Dr. Elizabeth Restrepo
  • NURS 6043: Policy, Power & Politics, Dr. Donna Sauls
  • NURS 6323: Informatics and Research in Nursing and Health Care, Dr. Marge Benham-Hutchins


  • NURS 6004: Theory & Foundations of Nursing Research, Dr. Donna Scott-Tilley
  • NURS 6033: Ethical Dimensions of Nursing, Dr. Donna Sauls


  • HIST 1023: History of the United States, 1865 to the Present, Ms. Kam De Leon


  • EDUC 5143: Effective Design & Management of the Classroom, Dr. Karen Dunlap
  • FS 5693: Research Methods in Family Science, Dr. Katie Rose
  • LS 5903: Special Topics - Adult User Education, Ms. Heidi Ashbaugh


  • DH 4113: Comprehensive Care of Medically Compromised, Dr. Leslie Koberna
  • DNCE 4383: Performing Arts in American Popular Culture, Dr. Linda Caldwell
  • FS 5533: Parenting Education, Dr. Katie Rose
  • LS 5103: Cataloging & Classification, Dr. Gretchen Hoffman
  • NURS 3612: Introduction to Nursing Research, Dr. Sharon Van Sell


  • MU 2713: Understanding the Arts - Music, Dr. Nancy Hadsell

Applying the Quality Matters Rubric Workshop

The Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) workshop introduces participants to the Quality Matters (QM) process and rubric. The facilitator will present information about the rubric and peer review process and guide participants through a series of activities designed to promote understanding of the quality standards and to give hands-on experience in applying these standards to the review of an online/blended course. Upon successful completion of the workshop, faculty will be eligible to participate in Peer Reviewer Certification training, online from Quality Matters. The TWU workshop is currently fully online.

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