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In the past, course-related fees at TWU have been assessed as Course Fees and Distance Education Fees, both of which varied according to discipline. The University has replaced both of these fees with a simpler, standardized fee structure for students. The older variable fees have been replaced with a fixed “Program Fee” per credit hour and a fixed “Instructional Enhancement Fee,” the latter of which will allow technology previously restricted to online courses to be used in face-to-face instruction.  

Beginning with the Spring 2013 semester, you will see on your bill a change to the course-related fees that you pay for taking courses at TWU. Many of you will see a decrease in the fees you pay, while some students may see an increase. The extent to which fees will decrease or increase depends entirely on the mix of courses taken by each student. If you have been enrolling in online courses, your fees will likely decrease. Aggregated over the entire student population, revenue from course-related fees is estimated to decrease for the University with the new fee structure.

The new, fixed rates for each fee are only assessed according to the level of course, irrespective of discipline, as follows:

Program Fee

  • Lower-level undergraduate program fee (1000 & 2000-level courses):  $8/sch
  • Upper-level undergraduate program fee (3000 & 4000-level courses):  $15/sch
  • Graduate-level program fee (5000 & 6000-level courses):  $25/sch

Instructional Enhancement Fee

  • Undergraduate course - $7/sch
  • Graduate course - $11/sch

In addition to this more simple approach to determining fees, additional advantages of the new fee structure to students include:

  • Provides more transparency regarding fees
  • Stabilizes fees from semester to semester
  • Allows less expensive access to online courses
  • Eliminates fee differences among disciplines
  • Allows greater integration of technology into face-to-face instruction

Tuition & Fee Rates [Office of the Bursar]

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