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Resources to address legal and University needs for equitable access to education for all learners, including definitions and legal information, creating accessible documents, evaluating multimedia, using technology for accessibility. More about “Accessibility”...

Instructional Planning and Design

Offers resources on designing a course with an eye toward aligning course design between content, defined and measurable objectives, and authentic assessments. Also includes information on producing course materials, such as rubrics and syllabi, and methods for grading, feedback, and student evaluations. More about “Instructional Planning and Design”...

Instructional Strategies and Techniques

Provides classroom management strategies for face-to-face, online, and hybrid environments. Methods include learner-centered strategies, such as information about learning styles, case methods, peer instruction, flipped classroom, group work and more. There are also suggestions for engaging students, best practices, and links to external resources on how to negotiate challenging student-teacher interactions. More about “Instructional Strategies and Techniques”...

Online Technology Tools and Apps

A collection of local and Internet resources focused on using technology to assist faculty in managing many teaching and learning processes, from course planning to assessment grading and all points in between. Also includes links and information about specific technology possibilities for classroom use. More about “Online Technology Tools and Apps”...

Live to the Desktop / Blackboard Presentations

Resources for Teaching


Symposium Presentations

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