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Prepare Your Computer

In order to be able to use Collaborate, you need Java installed on your computer. If you use a campus computer station, you may already have Java installed. If you are not successful logging-in, please contact the Service Desk and they will help you install Java. If you use one of your own computers, please go to and install Java. It is a free download, is very easy to do and takes two minutes. We suggest you test your computer early to make sure it has the necessary software to successfully log-in.

Interacting During the Presentation

You will need speakers or headphones to hear the audio and a microphone to be able to participate in the speaking functions. Otherwise, you can respond with the chat feature in Collaborate. If you or your participants use a computer in a campus lab (for Houston they are on the fourth floor), you will need a headset in order to hear the audio.

page last updated 2/6/2015 3:33 PM