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Creative Uses of Technology

Taking Eleanorís Advice: How I Learned to not be Scared of Wikis and Turnitin
Kam De Leon, Adjunct, History and Government
The development of a multimedia project will be discussed. The presentation will address the ďscaryĒ first time use of the wiki, Turnitin and the evolution of the project. Finally, examples of project presentations, beyond PowerPoint, will showcase innovative ways studentís exhibited their research.
Audience Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced |Presentation [pdf]

Poster: ePortfolio: Transitioning from TaskStream to Google Sites
Dr. Joyce Armstrong, Professor, Dr. Rhonda Buckley, Associate Professor, Dr. Nerissa Gillum, Associate Professor, Dr. Shann-Hwa Hwang, Associate Professor, Dr. Sandy McClintic, Assistant Professor, & Grace Sherman, Graduate Assistant, Family Sciences
This presentation will share the process used by the Family Studies faculty in the Department of Family Sciences in transitioning from TaskStream to Google Sites as the primary tools for the e-portfolio in an online masterís program.† Strategies will be given on how Blackboard was used in making the process seamless.
Audience Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced |†Presentation [pdf]

Student Success

Poster: 24/7 Technology Training for Students Through
Diann Maurer, Instructional Designer I, Distance Education
Are your students struggling with how to use Microsoft Office, Google, Wordpress, or SPSS? Now they have access to trainings on these tools and many more through Itís fast, free to TWU students, and available 24/7. This poster tells you how to get them started.
Audience Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced |†Presentation [pdf]

Poster: Mentoring Outside the Walls of the Academy
Dr. Sarah McMahan, Assistant Professor & Dr. Rebecca Fredrickson, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education
Mentoring in academia is not new. In fact it has been utilized in many ways to encourage collegiality and learning. Preservice teacher preparation programs often evaluate the mentoring experience developed between the teacher candidate and the mentor teacher during the student teaching experience. Mentoring between the faculty member and undergraduate preservice teacher education candidate is often not examined as an important tool in preservice teacher preparation. This study examines the mentoring relationship between undergraduate preservice teacher candidates and university faculty members and how the relationship contributed to the undergraduate preservice teacher candidatesí growth in the teacher education program.
Audience Level: Intermediate |†Presentation [pdf]

Teaching and Learning

Adjust the Thermostat to ďLearnĒ: Setting a Course Climate to Motivate Adult Online Learners
Heidi Ashbaugh, Online Program Director, Health Studies
This presentation will show the connection between andragogical and effective online teaching principles. There will be discussion of characteristics and skills found in motivating instructors, and examples of techniques that can aid in creating an online course climate conducive to adult learning will be provided.
Audience Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced†|†Presentation [pdf]†|†Handout [pdf]

Beloved Community: Fostering Authentic Student Interaction in an Online Classroom
Reanae McNeal, GTA, Womenís Studies
Online can be a challenging environment to build a supportive and respectful community that authentically engages in sensitive material. We will present successful strategies from the first online, undergraduate U.S. Women of Colors course at TWU, including facilitating controversial discussions, addressing conflict, and course design for a welcoming digital space.
Audience Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced |†Handout [pdf]

Creating Process-Oriented Learning Activities
Dr. Fuqin Liu, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Process-oriented learning activities are important in an online environment. This presentation uses two examples from a 100% online master level nursing course to demonstrate how to include a set of inter-related learning activities to enhance student learning. Student feedback on the process-oriented teaching philosophy is also provided in the discussion.
Audience Level: Beginner/Intermediate†|†Presentation [pdf]

Creating Screenreader Accessible Documents in Word and PowerPoint
Dr. Nancy Hadsell, Professor, Music and Drama
Quality Matters Standard 8 and Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act require that materials in online courses be accessible to all students, including those who use screen readers, such as JAWS. This presentation will review the steps to modify your Word documents and PowerPoint presentations so that they are accessible to all. It will include steps for both Mac and PC environments.
Audience Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced |†Presentation [pdf] |†Handout 1 [pdf]†|†Handout 2 [pdf]†|†Handout 3 [pdf]†|†Handout 4 [pdf]†|†Handout 5 [pdf]†|Handout 6 [pdf] |†Handout 7 [pdf] |†Handout 8 [pdf]

Digital Professional Learning Portfolios
Dr. Nancy Anderson, Professor & Dr. Pat Watson, Associate Professor, Reading
This session will describe the Digital Professional Learning Portfolio, the newly developed capstone experience/project for the MEd in Reading at Texas Womanís University. The PLP is a standalone digital showcase portfolio hosted on an external website. A handbook with graphic organizers, exemplars, and connections to program improvement will be shared during the session.
Audience Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced | Link to Presentation

Engaging Brains With BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices)
Dr. Laura Trujillo-Jenks, Assistant Professor & Dr. Karen Dunlap, Associate Professor, Teacher Education
Effectively engaging 21st Century learners has become a collaborative effort. This workshop will focus on those collaborative efforts, specifically engaging learners through the use of certain web-based tools (i.e. Google Docs, Educreations, TodaysMeet, etc.). Bring your technological devices to this workshop to learn how to use these web based tools.
Audience Level: Intermediate/Advanced |†Handout [pdf]

Making a Course that ďMattersĒ: Redesigning a Course to Meet QM Standards
Dr. Vicki Zeigler, Associate Professor, Nursing
Teaching a course previously taught by a fellow faculty member can be challenging because of various pedagogical differences in course design. The purpose of this presentation is to illustrate how a doctoral core course was redesigned to meet the standards set forth by QM using alignment as a guide.
Audience Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced |†Presentation [pdf]

Making Statistics Accessible: Dr. Mark S. Hamnerís MATH 5573/5583
Dr. Ellen Perlow, GA, Math and Computer Science
TWU courses must be accessible for ADA Compliance and TWU/Quality-Matters® certification. In 2010 Dr. Mark S. Hamner initiated teaching Graduate/Doctoral Statistical Methods I/II for TWUís Department of Mathematics and Computer Science 100% online, primarily via video lecture. Explored are the processes of full-text transcription of Dr. Hamnerís unscripted lectures and making other courses accessible. Alternative, accessible formats of these documents are available upon request.
Audience Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced |†Presentation [pdf] |†Transcript [pdf]

The Many Faces of Turnitin: Itís Not Just for Plagiarism
Dr. Leslie Koberna, Associate Clinical Professor, Dental Hygiene
Faculty will learn how to use Turnitinís online grading, writing analysis, peer review, and plagiarism functions to facilitate their teaching and to improve student learning. Turnitin is user friendly and accepts all word document formats. Turnitin will simplify and improve teaching and learning opportunities for faculty and students.
Audience Level: Intermediate |†Presentation [pdf]

Poster: Mix and Match Resources - Find it at the Library
Stephany Compton, Librarian, Blagg-Huey Library
Whatís New for Fall 2012 from the Library Collection. Tailored to meet your needs, building blocks for your students, classic and powerful, timeless and timely, and the perfect accessory to complement every class.
Audience Level: Beginner/Intermediate | Presentation [pdf]

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