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Creative Uses of Technology

Bridging the Face-to-Face Instruction with the Online Component of Hybrid Courses
Dr. Jessica Gullion, Assistant Visiting Professor, Sociology and Social Work & Leslie Lindsey, Instructional Designer II, Distance Education
This presentation will discuss the hybrid format of a large enrollment course, SOCI 1013: Introductory Sociology. We will overview how the online component complemented the face-to-face class. We will also present the course online journaling component and group Wiki projects.
Presentation [pdf] 

Creative Use of Second Life as an Interactive Teaching Tool in a Doctoral Theory Class
Dr. Anne Stiles, Professor/Associate Dean, Nursing
One strategy to promote interactive learning in online courses is to use Second Life (SL). A relaxing, informal College of Nursing space was designed where students constructed and revised conceptual models using 3-dimensional spider grams. Through student-student and student-teacher interaction, students gained a deeper understanding of linkages among concepts of interest.
Presentation [pdf] 

Podcasting in Online Classrooms: Connecting Students Across the Digital Barrier
Jonathan Evans, GTA; English, Speech and Foreign Languages
Online teaching experience provides us with challenges, new ones, that call upon teachers to seek out new “available means” (as Aristotle would put it) to reach their audiences. Podcasting provides us with a “means” to reach out and let students hear our enthusiasm, our passion, and that is a powerful motivation.
Presentation [pdf]

Poster: Maximizing Online Tools to Minimize Instructor Workload
Carissa Enright, Associate Clinical Professor, Nursing
Presentation [pdf]

Poster: MUVEing Ahead in Higher Education: Student Perception of Learning in a Virtual World
Dr. Sharla Snider, Professor & Jacqueline Strausz, GTA, Family Sciences
Presentation [pdf]
Poster: Tails from the Trenches: Linking Students to the “Real World” via Podcasts
Dr. Kimberly Miloch, Associate Professor, Kinesiology
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Faculty Showcase

Poster: Features of the Course Design for Oral Radiology, a Hybrid Course
Dr. Leslie Koberna, Associate Clinical Professor, Dental Hygiene
Blackboard Catalyst Award Winner for Exemplary Courses
Presentation [pdf]

Research in Online Education

Teaching and Learning Mathematics Through MyMathLab
Dr. Christina Gawlik, Assistant Professor, Math & Computer Science
Online education is appealing to many students who hope to earn a degree around their life schedules. This presentation will showcase MyMathLab, an online learning environment for mathematics. Discussion will include its purpose and functions in CORE and developmental mathematics classes, along with suggestions for best practices.
Presentation [pdf]

Poster: Academic Integrity in Online Nursing Education: What is the Research Showing?
Elaine Wilson, Associate Clinical Professor, Nursing
Presentation [pdf]

Student Success 

Poster: Adaptation of Hybrid Teaching Methods for Changing Nurse Practitioner Student Needs
Dr. Barbara Gray, Assistant Professor, & Ann Johnson, Assistant Clinical Professor, Nursing
Presentation [pdf]

Poster: A Stitch in Time: Strategies for Improving Student Success and Retention with SmarterMeasure
Diann Maurer, Instructional Designer I, Distance Education
Presentation [pdf]

Poster: Effective Classroom Management Techniques
Valerie Shapko, Instructional Designer III, Distance Education
Presentation [pdf]

Poster: Total Health Challenge Online
Michelle Reeves, Assistant Director, Fitness and Recreation
Presentation [pdf]

Poster: Using Different Forms of Media to Help Undergraduate Students Gain a Better Understanding of the Term “Teacher Disposition”
Dr. Rebecca Fredrickson, Assistant Professor & Dr. Sarah McMahan, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education
Presentation [pdf]

Poster: Using Wimba Classroom in Global Health Curriculum to Promote Advocacy in Undergraduate Students
Cynthia Johnson, Instructional Designer III, Distance Education
Presentation [pdf]

Teaching & Learning 

Adding Relevance to Student Work Through Scaffolded Assignments
Dr. Donna Scott-Tilley, Associate Professor, Nursing
This presentation will discuss ways to scaffold student activities and assignments. The presenter has developed several online courses with activities that naturally move from one assignment to the next in a way that reinforces previous knowledge, builds new knowledge, and prepares the student to synthesize learning. Student feedback about these strategies indicates that this is a meaningful and satisfying method of teaching and learning.
Presentation [pdf]
Analyzing Videos of Teaching and Learning: Constructing Adaptive Expertise in Blended Learning
Dr. Nancy Anderson, Professor, Reading
The development of an adaptive, expertise, video analysis protocol will be described. The protocol addressed unique challenges of field-based, blended learning for Reading Specialists enrolled in a graduate program. Preliminary results indicate students shift across levels of expertise across semesters, and analyzing videos of teaching improves teaching.
Prezi Presentation

Blackboard's Assignment Tool Is So Last Semester: Let’s Turnitin!
Dr. Erika Armstrong, Assistant Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders & Christopher Johnson, Instructional Designer II, Distance EducationTurnitin is widely known as a tool to help students avoid plagiarism in paper submissions. The latest version of Turnitin includes several new features available to instructors for developing rubrics, grading student papers, and providing specific feedback to students; it streamlines the entire paper grading process.
Presentation [pdf] | Handout [pdf]

Choreographing Space and Place: Face-to-Face and Online Learning Landscapes
Dr. Linda Caldwell, Professor, Dance & Dr. Kim Grover-Haskin, Director of Instructional Operations, Instructional Support Services
This presentation will explore how our face-to-face and online spaces have shaped our instructional practice and what we have learned traversing the varied landscapes. The presenters will share what they architected from Second Life, Blackboard, and a face-to-face class lecture capture recording.
Presentation [pdf]

Designing for Alignment: The How and Why of the Course Alignment Process
Heidi Ashbaugh, Online Program Director, Health Studies
Course alignment provides a better learning experience for students, a better teaching experience for instructors, and makes the extraction of outcomes data a much easier process. This presentation offers helpful tips and tools to ensure alignment between learning outcomes, course materials and activities, and the assessments in your course.
Presentation [pdf] | Handout [pdf]

Faculty Partnering to Revise a Course to Fully Online
Dr. Elizabeth Restrepo, Associate Professor & Dr. Donna Scott-Tilley, Associate Professor, Nursing
The session will address how these faculty, one a new TWU faculty member and the other a three-year TWU faculty member, collaborated to revise a course from a fully face-to-face format into a fully online format. They will share tips for effective collaboration, mentoring, and revising content suitable for a face-to-face format into a fully online format.
Presentation [pdf]

Learning by Blending
Dr. Laura Trujillo-Jenks, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education
Blended courses, with the use of both face-to-face and online discussions and presentation of objectives, are a great way for students to learn. Online, students learn by reading and applying their knowledge to discussion questions, blogs, and wikis. In face-to-face classes, students learn by applying their knowledge to scenario-based activities.
Presentation [pdf] 

The Blackboard Gradebook: Integrating Tests, Assignments, and Discussion Boards
Dr. Nancy Hadsell, Professor, Music and Drama
Knowing how the Gradebook interacts with Assignments, Tests, and Discussion Boards can facilitate the course instructor’s time management. This is a “nuts and bolts” presentation for instructors who are relatively inexperienced in Blackboard and want to use these features either in an online class or as an enhancement to a face-to-face or hybrid course. 
Presentation [pdf]

Using Wikis & Groups to Create Round Robin Case Studies
Dr. Cynthia Evetts, Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy & Christopher Johnson, Instructional Designer II, Distance Education
Wikis were used to promote team work on case studies. A pre-set schedule rotated teams from case to case so each team had opportunity to work on every case. Teams were challenged to step in, assess what was done by a previous team, and keep the process moving forward.
Presentation [pdf] 

Voiceless Wimba: Communication Through Third Party Tools
Dr. Tamby Allman, Assistant Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders & Christopher Johnson, Instructional Designer II, Distance Education
Visual communication is essential in the online Deaf Education classroom. The e-board in Wimba was frustrating for both the instructor and students. When this problem was brought to the instructional designer, he found a solution using third-party tools that allowed us to create a collaborative, real-time, mind-mapping activity. 
Presentation [pdf]

Poster: A Tale of Two Rubrics: Discussion Boards and Student Interaction
Dr. Kimberly Miloch, Associate Professor, Kinesiology & Christopher Johnson, Instructional Designer II, Distance Education
Presentation [pdf]

Poster: Blackboard Bytes: New Resources and Updates for BB9
Dr. Catherine Dutton, Manager, Instructional Support Services
Presentation [pdf]

Poster: Connecting with Students: Tools for Synchronous Interaction with Students
Dr. Nirisha Garimella, Instructional Designer II, Distance Education
Presentation [pdf]

Poster: Engaging Dialogue While Using Asynchronous Group Presentations
Dr. Donna Sauls, Associate Professor, Nursing
Presentation [pdf]

Poster: First Do No Harm: The Use of an Online Book Report Project in Teaching Nursing Students about Pediatric Ethical Issues
Elaine Wilson, Associate Clinical Professor, Nursing
Presentation [pdf]

Poster: Keeping Your Teaching Style Accessible Using Online Technology
Dr. Mark Hamner, Associate Professor, Math and Computer Science
Presentation [pdf]

Poster: Preparing Teachers for the 21st Century Classroom: The S.T.R.E.E.T. Model
Dr. Ludovic Sourdot, Assistant Professor & Dr. Karen Dunlap, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education
Presentation [pdf]

Poster: Teaching and Learning with Blackboard Workshops for Graduate Assistants, Teaching Assistants, and Adjuncts
Leslie Lindsey, Instructional Designer II, Distance Education
Presentation [pdf]

Poster: Using Online Resources to Guide College Students Enrolled in an Off-campus Internship
Shannon Jordan, GTA & Christina Rial, GTA, Kinesiology
Presentation [pdf]

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